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Son and nephew of political figures tied to vandalism.

By  David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Three people were arrested for vandalizing Richland city hall last weekend...two are related to public officials.

Richland police say 29 Year Old Jason Spell, 21 Year Old Jacob Scarborough, and 26 Year Old Matthew Wilson were arrested Saturday, for damaging the lawn at city hall.

Jason Spell is the son of Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture, Lester Spell.  Jacob Scarborough is the nephew of Richland Mayor Mark Scarborough. The three were stopped by police after doing donuts in a pickup truck, on the Richland city hall lawn.

 Spell who was driving, is charged with, malicious mischief, and DUI first offense. All three were cited for open container.

Wednesday morning they were at city hall, repairing the lawn, and replacing sod. Richland police say they won't receive special treatment, because of their political ties.

Richland Police Chief W. R. James says, "All three were drinking, open container on the two. The driver of course got at DUI, very serious charges. There's been the comment were showing them preferential treatment is just ridiculous. They got the full charge, exactly what anyone would have gotten so it's a tough thing but you do what you gotta do."

City officials say the damage to the lawn could exceed $400.00.

The punishment for the open containers has not been set by a judge yet. Jason Spell's trial date for the DUI and vandalism is set for early next year.

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