Students honor military veterans at Long Beach elementary school

Students at Harper McCaughan Elementary honor veterans

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Harper McCaughan Elementary students said thank you to the military Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day.

Veterans from every branch of the military, some with their families, sat in the audience as the music moved the crowd. Students took to the stage with their knowledge of American history, recognizing the impact the veterans have on shaping the country’s future.

It was a cherished moment for those who understand the sacrifices made by those who serve.

“Moving around, that’s hard on the family. Especially deploying and having to leave them for 6 months at a time and come back,” said David Boyette, a member of the Navy who has served for 12 years.

Despite the hard work, Boyette said coming back to a community that takes time to thank veterans reminds him why he followed the call to serve. He was seen singing along as a student performed “Proud to Be An American.”

“I had to sing, I couldn’t just hold back because I felt something from deep within,” he said.

For some performers like Camden Shortridge, the patriotic display was inspired by life at home. He described what it is like to have a parent in the military.

“I think it feels pretty good, because knowing that you’re related to someone who would give up their life if they needed to for everybody else’s future, that’s just amazing," Shortridge said.

He hopes his performance was enough to show his gratitude to veterans.

“Thank you, I appreciate everything you do," he said.

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