You might not win billions but your lottery ticket can still get you free pizza

Trade your losing lotto ticket for a free slice of pizza

You might not win billions but your lottery ticket can still get you free pizza
Villa Italian Kitchens is dishing up a free slice of cheese pizza for each person with a losing lotto ticket.

(WLOX) - So you bought a lottery ticket for the big jackpot. But chances are, most of you will still be waking up Wednesday not a billionaire. However, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel -- a pizza-shaped light.

Villa Italian Kitchen is helping ease the sting of your loss by serving up free pizza to everyone with a losing lottery ticket. The national pizza chain will allow guests to trade those losing tickets for one free slice of cheese pizza.

However, as with anything too good to be true, there are a few catches.

First, the pizza is only being given away on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Only one slice of pizza is allowed per person, regardless of how many losing tickets you have. Customers must purchase a drink in order to get the free slice of pizza.

Customers must have an official, physical lottery ticket in their hand. That lottery ticket must have a drawing date of Oct. 23, 2018, and it must be a losing ticket. (Although, we're guessing they would be happy to trade a $1.6 billion winning ticket if you choose.) Once the ticket is traded for the pizza, it will not be returned to the customer for any reason.

Villa Italian Kitchen has 250 locations across the country, including one in Gulfport at the Premium Factory Outlets. To see other Villa Italian locations, click HERE.

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