$14 million improvements bond could spruce up Biloxi’s Visitor’s Center

$14 million improvements bond could spruce up Biloxi’s Visitor’s Center

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The mayor and Biloxi City Council will discuss a plan to issue $14 million to improve structures and buildings or build new ones.

The improvements bond lays out the framework for paving streets, building newer sidewalks and buying land for new cemeteries, just some of the many public improvements that are on the agenda, in addition to working on some public buildings.

One of those buildings that would be receiving some improvements is the Biloxi Visitor’s Center.

“It’s taken some wear and tear, and it is used a lot. We have 150,000 people a year who come through here,” said Bill Raymond, the City of Biloxi’s historical administrator.

Raymond said in the almost decade since the building opened, it hasn’t had much work done.

“It’s that time in the life of a building that it just needs some TLC,” Raymond said.

Raymond said the Biloxi Visitor’s Center does not need a complete and total renovation. It just needs some minor cosmetic adjustments in some areas where wood paneling is beginning to rot or on some handrails that are starting to rust.

“Scraping, painting, caulking. Just some general maintenance right here on the front beach,” Raymond said. “It takes a lot of wear and tear.”

The wood and wrought iron parts of the building cannot handle years of rain, heat and humidity.

“In our climate that’s just expected,” Raymond said.

Raymond strongly believes that this public improvements bond will be a good investment for tourism.

“This is really their first impression of Biloxi, so it’s important that this looks good,” Raymond said.

It will also have potentially good outcomes for the thousands of people who call Biloxi home.

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