2018 Making Strides Against Cancer gives people hope

2018 Making Strides Against Cancer gives people hope

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The American Cancer Society believes more than 250,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and it would like to bring that number down.

“The early bird catches the worm, gets the worm,” said Glen McGee, a man who came to walk.

That idiom is true when it comes to early detection and cancer screenings. Many of the people who were out early at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Biloxi would agree.

"You are stronger than the cancer. You matter," said Sheila Gardner, this year's Survivor Speaker.

The money raised from the walk goes to the American Cancer Society for research funding.

“Every penny counts, and it takes money to make progress,” McGee said.

Progress is being made every single day. According to Time Magazine, just this week scientists in Munich reported that by combining an immunotherapy drug with chemotherapy treatment, it lowers the risk of death in women with triple-negative breast cancer.

"Just a year ago, that was not available and they are getting very close to that being available," Gardner said.

When you are fighting against a disease that has claimed the lives of so many people, any new developments that may shift the balance is considered good news.

“They are showing great effectiveness in, first-of-all, identifying the triple negative cell and then destroying them,” Gardner said.

“Seeing the improvements of medication and all of this stuff, I think we are in the right direction,” McGee said.

Until the day that treatment turns into a cure people will continue taking all of the possible steps in the right direction to finish cancer off, once and for all.

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 1 million people will participate in “Making Strides” events this year, and more than $60 million will be raised for breast cancer research this year.

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