Biloxi man admits to exploiting, abusing children

Biloxi man admits to exploiting, abusing children
Quincy Joshua LaBauve pled guilty to sexually exploiting children online and abusing a nine-year-old child.

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A Biloxi man has admitted to sexually exploiting children online and abusing a nine-year-old child.

Quincy Joshua LaBauve, 32, pled guilty Wednesday to three charges after investigators found dozens of photos and videos on his computer and cell phone. He also admitted to the sexual battery of a young girl after investigators found evidence of the assault on his electronic devices.

The investigation into LeBauve began last year when authorities noticed activity on a website known as ChatStep by someone with a sexually explicit screen name. Activity by that user reportedly included downloading and uploading child pornography in private chat rooms, as well as bragging about sexually abusing children between the ages of six and 12.

Investigators were able to track the IP address of that user to LaBauve’s Biloxi home. During a search of the residence, police seized LaBauve’s laptop and phone. Police say a forensic analysis of those devices revealed nearly 250 photos and two dozen videos showing children engaging in sexually explicit behavior. Authorities say LaBauve admitted to having the child pornography in an interview with police after his home was searched.

After investigators found the child pornography, they were able to identify children in the photos and video that the victim knew. According to authorities, some of the images showed LaBauve sexually assaulting one of those children. LaBauve admitted to sexual battery of the nine-year-old.

After accepting his guilty plea on two counts of child exploitation and one count of sexual battery, the judge set LaBauve's sentencing date for Nov. 15. LaBauve, who has been jailed since he was arrested in September 2017, is facing up to 40 years on each of the child exploitation charges and up to life in prison for the sexual battery charge.

LaBauve is also facing additional charges in Gulfport for the touching of a child for lustful purposes. Those charges, which also involved children known to LaBauve, are still pending.

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