Mostly cloudy Tuesday with hit-or-miss showers

Two shots of cooler and drier air on the way this week. For Tuesday, after some morning fog, it’s a partly to mostly cloudy day with a chance for hit-or-miss showers and storms. Unseasonably warm temperatures will reach the low to mid 80s. Tuesday’s showers will be brought on by a stationary front across the Gulf Coast region. Over the next 24 hours, that front should be pushed offshore. This will allow for our first round of pleasantly drier and somewhat cooler conditions on Wednesday into Thursday. Southerly flow off the Gulf returns for Friday into Saturday, leading to slightly wetter and warmer conditions. And then a stronger cold front is expected to slide through the Gulf Coast, leading to our second, more significant, round of cooler and drier air for Sunday and Monday.

In the tropics, a west-moving Caribbean disturbance just offshore of Honduras has a medium chance to become a depression or storm in the next five days. Most computer models project this disturbance to continue moving westward into Central America; it is not a U.S. Gulf Coast threat.