Study finds millennial marriages lowering national divorce rate

(KFVS) - A study from the University of Maryland is finding that millennials are sticking together when it comes to marriages. In fact, marriages from this generation are lasting so much longer that it’s lowering the national rate of divorce drastically.

The study claims that millennials are waiting far longer than generations before them to tie the knot. In that time, their getting their careers, finances, and personal goals in order more-so than previous generations, leading to healthier relationships.

The result is a lowering of the U.S. divorce rate by 18% between 2008 and 2016 according to the study.

Caroline Crocker owns Dynamic Counseling in Mt. Vernon in addition to working as a family counselor. She agrees with the findings in the study but also feels that younger generations are better at listening to one another.

“There’s been kind of this shift in the dynamic of gender roles,” she said, “and I think sometimes now we’re seeing a little more of a partnership. There’s more of a communication about what we need from one another and people being more aware of what their own needs are in a relationship and making more of an effort to meet the needs of their partner.”

Crocker also says based on her clients, she sees more younger couples going to marriage counseling to work out differences than older couples, sometimes before they’re even married.

She also notes that younger generation couples tend to live with each other far longer before marriage, which supplements a healthier marriage.

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